Sarashina Horii was established in 1789, the same year that George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States. Word spread about our high-quality noodles and soon they gained favor with the Japanese Imperial household and Shoguns. Today, we have three restaurants in Tokyo and the company is overseen by a ninth-generation member of the Horii family.

Our soba making tradition stretches back over 230 years to a small shop in Tokyo. From there, nine generations have been the stewards of our culinary heritage and unique white soba. Our New York restaurant is the first location outside Japan and we invite you to experience true Japanese soba craftsmanship.

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Our signature Sarashina soba noodles are made from Japanese buckwheat, but only from the innermost part of each seed, similar to how sake is made from the core of rice grains. This produces noodles that are pure white in color, with a delicate aroma, texture that is smooth as silk, and has a more refined flavor. We also offer Mori soba, which is made from the whole buckwheat grain and has a more robust flavor and darker color.  Soba noodles are high in protein and lower in gluten than other noodles, however they are not gluten free.

Both Sarashina and Mori soba noodles are available hot or cold. Enjoy our soba with dipping sauce or topped with meat or traditional style with tempura. While soba is our specialty, our extensive menu includes modern Japanese and seasonal dishes, as well as tempura, seafood and entrees.